Key Phrases in SEO and their Meanings

If you have begun researching an SEO campaign, there are likely to be all sorts of jargon type words to figure out the meanings of.  Here are some of the main words you might see…

Keywords: your keywords are the list of words you want your site to rank for.  These are usually product or service oriented, with locations where appropriate.  For instance, if you were a window cleaner from Birmingham, you might have words such as “window cleaner in Birmingham” or “Birmingham bay window cleaner” as your words.

Rank: your rank is where you are on the search results page.  The best position to be in is number 1, as this tends to get the most clicks.  Most SEO agencies check ranks up to page 10.

Heading Tags: these are a part of onsite optimisation.  The heading tags are read by google.  The most important heading tag is the H1 tag (normally the main heading of the page).  Google can tell what the site is about based on it’s headings, so it is vital they are SEO optimised.