Social Media for Advertising Options

    Advertising online is a booming business, with many options open to businesses these days.  There are ways to advertise using social media, which makes it really easy to target specific audiences and demographics.  Facebook ads are particularly easy to use, with customisation options to narrow down or widen out the audience being reached.  They are cost effective too, with the option to add a daily budget, or a total budget to spend. A good way to reach new audiences, social media gives the business a chance to interact with their potential clients in a natural and friendly way.  You can demonstrate your products or services, get reviewed and sell through…

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    Finding a Local Web Design Guru

    There are lots of different web designers available to work on your new website, you just need to know where to look!  If you do a quick search online, on a search engine like Google for example, you will soon find loads of different designers working in your local area. It is a good idea to choose a local web designer, as this way you can easily schedule a meeting to work through your site.  It is far easier to meet face to face than over a video call or phone call.  If you can go to the office, or they can come to you, you can easily discuss what…

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    Key Phrases in SEO and their Meanings

    If you have begun researching an SEO campaign, there are likely to be all sorts of jargon type words to figure out the meanings of.  Here are some of the main words you might see… Keywords: your keywords are the list of words you want your site to rank for.  These are usually product or service oriented, with locations where appropriate.  For instance, if you were a window cleaner from Birmingham, you might have words such as “window cleaner in Birmingham” or “Birmingham bay window cleaner” as your words. Rank: your rank is where you are on the search results page.  The best position to be in is number 1,…

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    Tips for New Website Owners

    When you have a new website either just being built, or at the end stages, it is tempting to want to share it with the world as soon as it is complete – after all, you have just spent a lot of money on it! One thing you should do before circulating your site far and wide is do a thorough test of every single page, read every single paragraph, sentence and word to ensure there are no mistakes.  It is far better to correct any poor grammar, spelling mistakes and other issues early on, rather than after Google have indexed your site! It could be a good idea to…

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    SEO for Small Businesses

    Owning a small business is tough – there are usually strict budgetary concerns, limited resources and smaller opportunities.  One of the things which tends to slip down the priority list is marketing.  Digital marketing is actually one of the more important things you can do for your business, especially in the day and age of the internet! SEO gives you the chance to advertise your business to people who are actively searching online for your product or service.  This is perfect for smaller businesses, as long as you get the SEO right! There are loads of agencies who offer very competitive rates to smaller businesses, but it certainly pays to…